Workers vote against Home Depot’s first union campaign

The National Labor Relations Board, which oversees union elections, reported that only 51 employees voted to join the Home Depot Workers’ Union, while 165 voted against.

The store is located at 4640 Roosevelt Avenue. In Philadelphia, there are approximately 275 employees.

Vincent Quile, the group’s lead organizer, told CNN as the union filed for election that he was inspired by the successful union representation vote at Amazon’s fulfillment center in Staten Island, New York, which was the union’s The first-ever win in online retail was huge, with more than 200 successful votes at Starbucks locations across the country.
But union movement is difficult. Since winning the vote at the Staten Island facility, the Amazon union lost votes at two other distribution centers, one in Staten Island and one near Albany, New York, and withdrew a petition to hold a vote at the California location.

Despite a 58% surge in the number of people organizing elections so far this year, unions lost about 31% of ballots through September, the latest data provided by the NLRB. That means workers at 344 businesses voted against unionizing.

Union organizers still have a higher percentage of profits than in previous years. In the first nine months of 2021, unions won only 46 percent of the organizational vote.

The Home Depot (HD) Has approximately 2,000 stores and 437,000 employees in the United States.

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