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For all ghouls and ghouls, there’s a Halloween event for everyone in San Diego County. Some are for the less brave, with just a few scary characters, and some will turn you to stone. Here’s a list of Halloween activities sure to get you ready for an absolutely creepy holiday.

Balboa Park

haunted trail
If you want to walk in Balboa Park, I recommend you not to come here. There are two parts to this creepy experience. First, you have to get out of the maze to get to the trail. Labyrinth may sound okay, but imagine all your favorite characters from your childhood come alive – let’s just say they weren’t too happy you were there. Once you’ve escaped characters like the demon Pinocchio, you’ll embark on a mile-long journey into haunted trails. I recommend putting on running shoes to avoid the Chainsaw Clown, the evil zombie Santa, or even the Werkner who will emerge from the upside-down. If you think you can handle the spooky haunted trails, tickets start at $28.

halloween symphony
The San Diego Youth Symphony Orchestra will present a Halloween concert with symphonic strings at the Organ Hall. This is perfect if you like classical sounds with a creepy Halloween twist. The concert is free and the whole family can bring it.

Chula Vista

Earl’s Halloween Thriller
Sesame Place is hosting a less creepy horror event. The park will be Halloween themed and will be decorated with various Halloween decorations. Guests can do trick-or-treating around the park to get some treats before a real Halloween night. Between stops during the candy hunt, visitors can also watch a Halloween show. This is a great opportunity to dress up and see all your favorite Sesame Street characters in person at the parade. There’s even a costume contest in October. 30 Test your cape.

Promotional image for LEGOLAND California Resort "brick or cure" 2022 Halloween event.

LEGOLAND California Resort

Promotional image for LEGOLAND California Resort’s 2022 Halloween “Brick-or-Treat” event.


brick or cure
A LEGO-themed Halloween extravaganza will be held every Saturday and Sunday in October at Legoland. 30. The park will be interspersed with different Halloween-themed activities such as scavenger hunts and visits to different snack stations to get in the spirit of bricks or treats. All-new, never-before-seen LEGO characters also offer creepy surprises. Even if you don’t have a Lego-themed outfit, it’s still highly recommended to dress up to suit the occasion.

haunted corn maze
Every Friday and Saturday in October, the Carlsbad Strawberry Company transforms its usual quaint strawberry and pumpkin patch into a creepy scene. This will turn into a haunted corn maze where not only will you be trapped and trying to find your way out, but there will be jump scares and spooky characters along the way. If you think you’re brave enough to face it, tickets are $25 per person. This experience is recommended for teens and above as it is not necessarily a child-friendly activity.

Del Mar

scream zone
Del Mar Scaregrounds will be pretty scary, especially the screaming area. If you like the challenge of trying to get out of the labyrinth – in the dark – with characters to scare you, try “The Passage” and try to “survive”. On the ground, but they warn you’re not even safe behind the hay, as you’ll be surrounded by scary zombies, scary nuns and lifelike dolls. If that’s not enough to scare you, they also have “hell billies” that are in their hunting season; that is, humans hunt, so try to stay away from those wild animals. The Scream Zone is open from October 6th to October 31st. They also have a selection of photos, food and drinks if you want to attend but didn’t they are big fans of haunted.

city ​​center

hard rock halloween
The Hard Rock Hotel is hosting a monster-themed Halloween extravaganza. An ode to the popular TV series will feature a Dungeons & Dragons-inspired dance floor and floating pool club party. The Hard Rock Hotel has been transformed into a hotel Halloween party with over 15 DJs, three floors and seven “weird” rooms. It’s all set to drop in October. 29.

haunted ghost tour
At Gaslamp, you can join a walking tour led by an intimidating guide. Bring your running shoes, not only because there’s a lot of walking happening, but also running in case a haunted place starts to revive. The tour includes over 30 locations and warns that 70% are haunted and 30% are actual crime locations. If you’re a little nervous but still interested, you can take the tour during the day, but for the full experience, they also offer a nighttime tour of all the haunted places in the city center.

Zombie Club Crawl
For those who want something less scary but still want to celebrate the Halloween holiday, the San Diego Zombie Crawl Halloween Club is a great option. From October 27th to October 29th, guests can get passes and enjoy special offers or welcome “hospitality” through more than 20 bars and clubs in the Gaslamp District. Everything is within walking distance so you can show off your outfits from one creepy club to another. Tickets start at $40, and all trick-or-treating must be at least 21 years old.

Mission Bay

SeaWorld is hosting a Spooktacular event. This is a great time to bring the whole family, especially the little ones. Don’t forget to put on your creative costumes for the trick-or-treating trail, where families must use reusable bags. There will even be a Dia de Los Muertos statue with different “ofrendas” in memory of loved ones. Bite-sized trick-or-treaters can explore hay mazes, meet mysterious mermaids, and test their skills on pumpkin hunts. There are also pro tips, and kids can use adult tickets for free.

For those who are more courageous, join the Howl at Sea World after dark. This year’s theme was “Fear Awakens Again” and they didn’t mess around. Expect to be surrounded by creepy creatures, haunted horror houses and astonishingly scary areas, so you never know if you’re really safe if you pull up the courage to set out.There will also be nighttime roller coasters trying to escape the horror

Mission Valley

haunted hotel
The haunted hotel is sure to make your skin crawl from beyond the hotel itself. Since the hotel was “disturbed”, everything has been messed up, which means the monster zombies living in the hotel are not too happy. If that’s not enough to scare you, there are also classic horror creatures in the iconic movie where screen stars haunt. They also have 3-D Freak-Fest, an immersive experience full of clowns and other surprises. Let’s just say if the other two weren’t scary enough, the site warns that some of the side effects include hysterical crying, projectile vomiting and a nervous breakdown. Tickets start at $28.

North Park

Rocket from the Crypt
Rocket 29 from the Crypt in October will rock the North Park Observatory in true Halloween fashion. The San Diego Band, known for kicking off their Halloween campaign, is back again for another round. The rad band is ready to rock and start the Halloween festivities.

old town

Haunted Ghost Bus Tour
This terrifying tour features five different haunted locations, three of which guests can enter and experience paranormal activity. The tour takes about two hours, and they claim they have evidence that ghosts exist, so if you don’t believe it, this could be the perfect chance to change your mind. The tour starts in the old town and takes you on a dream trip.

Haunted Ghost Walking Tour
If you’re looking for a haunted hike, this tour is said to be filled with ghosts and ghouls as well as some true crime elements, if the ghosts don’t scare you. It’s less than a mile and you can travel to four different locations and have access to Heritage Park. Tickets are $25.

ghost hunting
Another ghost tour of the old town, this one takes just over an hour and reaches 10 locations. This show isn’t just a ghost tour; after the 7 and 9 pm tours, there is another slot for ghost hunting at 11 pm. They provide tools for ghost hunting, metering, displaying vortex energy, displaying phantom photos and allowing building entrances.

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