New memoir, self-selected, provides a blueprint for building a successful business with a social justice lens

Entrepreneur and Advocate Lisa Wise’s Book Now Available

Washington, October 14 January 2022 /PRNewswire/ — part memoir, part business guide and part manifesto, Choose Your Own: How to Put Justice Above Profits and Soar in Businessthe debut book by entrepreneur and social justice advocate Lisa Wise, provides entrepreneurs with a blueprint for justice-focused businesses while building successful companies.

optional Citing research and case studies to build a compelling argument that prioritizing people and places is the truest path to not just financial success, but a fairer society.

It tells a very real personal story and provides a powerful guide for emerging and seasoned entrepreneurs.This is the story of how a woman grew up with rural housing insecurity Idahosaw her entrepreneurial endeavors go beyond her parents’ backyard tool shed to build a thriving family of property management companies. optional Depicting the unhurried hustle and bustle of a passionate entrepreneur and servant-leader, beautifully illustrated a starting point lacking resources and stability, but full of love, paving the way for relentless drive and unwavering determination to do more. Paved the way, forever.

“If you read Lisa’s book, you will be able to translate her teachings into your own differentiated organization,” says Ali WeizwigCEO of Zingerman’s, headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan“If the world was led by women like Lisa Wise, it would be a more caring, collaborative and creative planet.”

optional Available in a range of national and independent bookstores, including Politics and Prose and Busboys and Poets in Washington DC. All editions of this book are now available at

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Lisa Wise is an entrepreneur, change maker, thought leader, author and philanthropist.She is the founder and CEO of Flock DC, a real estate management company that oversees $2 billion throughout residential real estate Washington DC.

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