For the first time, Lyfecycle features cutting-edge self-destructing plastic technology as the official recycling bag sponsor of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

The bags on display at the finish line are the world’s first plant-based, recyclable and biodegradable bags designed to tackle ocean plastic pollution.

chicago, October 4 April 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The race to stop ocean plastic pollution is on!This year, Bank of America Chicago Marathon partners with UK innovators polymeric materialDebut The life cycle America’s self-destructing plastic technology. Lyfecycle is a one-of-a-kind technology designed to stop plastic on land before it has a chance to reach the ocean.

The 40,000 recycling bags for post-race snacks and refreshments are designed to be recycled, but if they escape into the environment, they will return safely to nature within two years, leaving no microplastics or toxins behind. The recycling bag pays homage to its timed biodegradation, with the caption “This bag is running out of time”, in addition to the instructions directly on the bag to “recycle this bag before it self-destructs” (nautical chart).

“We are excited to partner with Lyfecycle to host the 2022 Bank of America Chicago Marathon,” said Bank of America Chicago Marathon Executive Director Kelly Pinkowski“Since 2010, our team has been working to incorporate environmentally and socially responsible practices into our event production to limit our impact on the communities we travel through. Lyfecycle is helping us advance in this year’s race This mission, to provide recyclable and biodegradable bags on our finish line.”

“As an aspiring runner, I know how racers push boundaries and overcome obstacles,” says Lyfecycle Activation Leader Lepa Orshoket“It is in this spirit that we are constantly pushing ourselves to test the limits of our technology. Five years ago, producing self-destructing plastic bags seemed impossible, and now, we are debuting a marathon of bags that are not only recyclable and bioavailable. Biodegradable, they are also made from renewable plant-derived materials, making them the most sustainable solution on the market.”

To raise awareness of plastic pollution and solutions, Lyfecycle announces the launch of #Ellen, an event designed to inspire racers and spectators to share their motivation with others.The event Y-run live mural will be held on the 27th Mile Post Race Partyand publicly called on participants to share their stories and what motivated and motivated them to participate in the 2022 competition.

Lyfecycle is constantly looking for new ways to push the boundaries of the role of its self-destructing plastic technology in supporting the circular economy. Recycle Bags incorporates the latest advancements in sourcing renewable sugar cane to replace fossil fuels in the manufacturing process. Unlike oil and gas, sugarcane is renewable and captures carbon dioxide as it grows, reducing the packaging industry’s overall impact on climate change.

The sourcing and implementation of this renewable plant-based material combined with Lyfecycle’s self-destructing plastic technology marks a major breakthrough and a first of its kind.

“The Bank of America Chicago Marathon is the first running event in the U.S. to introduce our unique technology and is part of a larger goal of demonstrating that this solution can work at scale,” added Orshoquet“With every event we attend, we’re one step closer to stopping 450 million tons of plastic from entering our oceans by 2040.”

About the life cycle

Lyfecycle is a new solution from British Innovators Polymateria in response to the global plastic pandemic. The unique Lyfecycle technology offers every opportunity to recycle and provide a “Plan B” for the 32% of plastic that escapes the circular economy and ends up in the natural environment. Through timed biodegradation, Lyfecycle products return to nature within two years, leaving no toxins and microplastics behind.

Lifecycle packaging solutions provide an easier-to-achieve way for individuals to take small actions for responsible disposal that will have an immediate and global positive impact on the environment. Through partnerships, awareness building and scientific innovation, Lyfecycle’s goal is to inspire action and create a ripple effect to solve ocean pollution and leave a better planet for future generations.

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