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Isn’t it beautiful? ! Full gallery below. (Photo: Bikes for the Breadwinner)

It turns out that Breadwinner Cycles are only as tough as the bikes they make. The intrepid company founded by former bike messenger-turned-framebuilder Ira Ryan and Utah-born mountain bike racer Tony Pereira is celebrating its tenth year in existence.

Both Ryan and Pereira started building bikes in 2006 and established their brands in Portland before joining forces in 2013 under the breadwinner name. It didn’t take long for their combined talent and vision for building quality bikes to capture national attention. The Breadwinner won Cycling Magazine’s Editors’ Choice in 2016 and has been rolling ever since.

In 2017, they opened Breadwinner Cafe next to their store on North Williams Avenue. It became a hangout for local riders and a great place to buy drinks and snacks, but Pereira and Ryan chose to close in 2020 after overcoming revenue headwinds. Today, even without all the caffeine, the store is still buzzing in part because of their 2019 acquisition of the Sugar Wheel Works business.

With more than 1,000 stolen bikes stolen worldwide, Breadwinner is hoping to get off to a solid start to the next decade. To that end, they’ve just announced a custom version of their favorite bike, the “B-Road.” Named after the type of road Ryan was known to ride back when he had time to win major enduros, the 10th Anniversary B-Road embodies the Breadwinner spirit that he and Pereira embody: it’s blue-collar tough and capable, yet refined; it With enough high-tech touches to make riding effortless, it retains a classic feel that creates a bond between rider and steed.

The breadwinner went out and spec’d this special limited-edition B-Road with some of the best parts in the business. It comes with a cool new graphics package that they say is a “homage to classic bike racing,” and you can get it for just $6,995. While you’ll get a custom build, you still have until this spring to get your hands on the bike thanks to accelerated production commitments.

Grab one of these beautiful bikes and treat yourself or a loved one to a blast this holiday season – and support this fundamental part of our cycling community! Learn more on their website.

And congratulations to Tony, Ella and the entire Breadwinner crew. Your longevity is a testament to the quality of your bike and your character! Thanks for doing things the right way.

The full gallery of the 10th anniversary B-Road (Photo: Breadwinner Cycles):

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